I’ve been in a really indecisive musical mood for the past month or so. I’ve been revisiting some old songs that I used to love, I’ve tried to venture out into the depths of Spotify to find new artists and sounds, and more recently, I decided that I want to listen to summer songs in the middle of January (as you do). Two songs that reflect my recent listening habits are “Baby” by Clean Bandit featuring Marina and The Diamonds and Luis Fonsi, and “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller and Ariana Grande.

“Baby” sounds like a vacation anthem and is the perfect mental getaway during this really bleak weather. The mix of Marina’s seductive voice, paired with the infectious rhythm provided by Clean Bandit, produces a song that is modern pop with a lovely Latin twist, courtesy of Fonsi.

“My Favorite Part” is a really chill, low-key song that is perfect for this time of year. Ariana’s subdued vocals with Mac’s voice are a fantastic combination for such a simple yet emotional song. The chemistry between the two artists is tangible and makes the material raw and vulnerable, which complements the darker, sultry vibe of the music.

– Shruthi Mekala

This week I have been listening to a couple of things, the first being Ariana Grande’s new song “7 Rings.” It is such an anthem for focusing on yourself and how friends are important in being happy in life. The lyrics are catchy and overall motivates me to work for the type of lifestyle where if I want something, I can easily get it. Since Ariana Grande has always written songs about love, it’s really nice to hear a song about how friendships are more important than a romantic relationship. This idea is something I feel a lot of girls today need to hear because of the societal pressures of needing to always be in a relationship.

Another thing I’ve been listening to isn’t a song, but podcasts. More specifically David Dobrik’s podcast “Views” with his co-host Jason Nash. David Dobrik has always been a source of comedy for me, but his podcasts are nicer because it’s a full 40 minutes of ridiculous stories he has experienced. His podcasts are a longer version of his vlogs (which are only about 4 minutes long) and elaborate more on how the footage came to appear on the vlog. It’s an amusing background noise for walking to class, cleaning my room, that type of stuff. Anyway, I recommend the podcast for anyone who wants to start listening to podcasts, want comedy or crazy stories, and relatable content.

– Becca Bertram

This week I have been on an Ariana Grande kick, jamming out to her new single, “7 Rings” and her recently released song, “thank u, next.” With Valentine’s Day across the corner, I have been listening to these songs on loop, taking in all of her female empowerment and embracing my inner boss ass bitch.
Not to mention, the music videos for each of these tracks are simply iconic. In her “thank u, next” music video she singlehandedly revived all of my favorite movies from childhood. Furthermore, in her “7 Rings” music video, she is prancing around a mansion with champagne, while singing about everything she bought for herself. Goals? I think so. What are my takeaways? Ariana Grande is a queen, blessing all of us every time she releases a new song. These videos paired with these infectious tracks are what has made me continue to listen to these songs on loop.
I’ve also been enjoying her “Sweetener” album which came out in 2018. Specifically, I have been enjoying these songs on “Sweetener”: “God is a woman,” “breathin,” “sweetener,” and, “no tears left to cry.” Ariana Grande is a great addition to any playlist, and if you have yet to listen to the songs I mentioned, I would 10/10 recommend that you try them out.
– Taylor Cygan
With the very unfortunate weather we’ve been experiencing this past week, I haven’t had the energy to do much except lay in bed and binge watch Jersey Shore (thank god for friends who you give you their Hulu passwords). When I have listened to music this week, it has mostly been to bare the pain of making the trek to and from class. Every once in a while when I get bored of my current music and Discover Weekly on Spotify has provided me with no new favorites to cling to, I scroll down to the bottom of my playlists and find all my old music starting circa 2014, my freshman year of high school. My favorites this week include anything by Wild Party, Coconut Records, or The Griswolds.
These artists have always been favorites of mine because they have songs that are uplifting, very catchy, and above all, they remind me of memories from high school that I still cling onto. When it’s this time of year, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut with the gloomy skies, horrible weather, and ever impending schoolwork. My suggestion for this week would be to follow my lead; go search for some of your old music favorites and you just might be surprised at how much you’ve missed them.
– Isabella Sohn

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Isabella Sohn

My name is Isabella Sohn and I'm a freshman at UIUC. I am currently in DGS but will be declaring as a communications major in the fall with either a business or political science minor. On campus, I am apart of the club Best Buddies and have a job at Houlihan’s Restaurant.

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