This week I listened to the new single from independent alternative rock band Our Last Night, “The Leap.” Unlike their first and second singles, “Soul Speak” and “Demons,” “The Leap” falls
in between these two songs as having both heavy and soothing electronic elements. The opening vocals and synthesizing riff and first verse are reminiscent of Radiohead, but quickly gets into heavy metal screaming from Trevor Wentworth and the soothing vocals of his brother Matt, mixed with an ever so slight resonate background vocal. The lyrics aren’t as good as the other two singles and overall the song is the worst of the three.

“Demons,” which opens the album in the best possible way is a blend of Matt’s clean vocals and Trevor’s heavy screams. A pre-chorus melody you expect to go a certain way gets thrown under
the bus giving it a different flair most people probably won’t anticipate. The result is you’re left wanting more of this subversion, but only get it a 2-3 more times.

Released as a single before announcing their upcoming album, Let Light Overcome,” “Soul Speak” starts with a riff and swell unheard of in recent Our Last Night discography. The lyrics
are melancholy and the vocals only extenuate the feeling everyone has experienced at least once in their life.

– Michael Bergonzi

Shocking the world by releasing a new single this week, I have been listening to the Jonas Brothers song “Sucker” on repeat. Middle school me is absolutely living for this Jonas Brothers revival and was pleasantly surprised that the band was coming back together to release yet another banger. The song itself is catchy and upbeat, having that typical Jonas Brothers flair. It is relatively easy to get it stuck in your head, having a rather repetitive chorus. But it makes it that much easier to learn the lyrics. This song was also paired with an equally great music video. Picture the Jonas Brothers marching around a mansion with their significant others. It’s everything I never knew I needed in my life and it makes the song that much better.

In addition to their newest song, it’s inspired me to delve into some of their older hits. I’ve been listening to some of my favorite throwbacks like, “Burnin’ Up,” “S.O.S.,” “Lovebug,” “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” and, “Year 3000.” Basically, I’ve been listening to what was on every middle school playlist from back in the day. This revival of the Jonas Brothers in my life has reminded me how much I missed jamming to their music. If you haven’t experienced a similar boy band revival in your life, I would definitely recommend you do so.
– Taylor Cygan

I have to be honest with you…I finally watched “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the night of the Oscars. It almost seems like “heresy” due to my classic rock upbringing. The only song I hadn’t recognized from the movie was “Mr. Bad Guy”. This came off of one of Freddie Mercury’s solo albums from 1985, called Mr. Bad Guy. I appreciate how the song was incorporated in the movie as it reflects what was going on in Mercury’s life and Queen’s hiatus in the 1980s. In my life, it perfectly sums up the lingering mood of being done with some people’s crap.

The song peculiarly blends orchestra music and the drum-kit into something you don’t know how to react to. At points, the timbre of the background music conflicts with the lyrics. For example, the beginning sounds very ominous until Freddie Mercury sings, “Let’s go chasing rainbows in the skkkkyyyyyy”. I still have no clue what he meant by that or its relevance to the song, but maybe that was the point? Ultimately, “Mr. Bad Guy” sounds like something a villain would sing in a Broadway musical. Whenever Freddie Mercury walked onstage or in a studio, he didn’t sing. He performed. This is reflected in the song as well. The notes follow static tempo, but there are times when Mercury added a little swing into his voice. Though I don’t endorse Queen’s career ever being turned into a musical (just like Carole King), it’d be interesting to see how Freddie Mercury could potentially be depicted during his dark times.

– Jillian Little

This week I have been listening to the song “Girls Have Fun” by Tyga ft. Rich the Kid and G Eazy. They are some of my top favorite rappers and the song is so infectiously catchy. It gives off a very summery vibe which is what I have been waiting for ever since the new year started. The song is pretty new, having been released a little under a month ago, but not giving off the tacky feeling of an overplayed song considering it has over 29 million views/plays. Tyga is definitely an underrated rapper so I wanted to have a chance to listen to his new music before everyone jumps onto the bandwagon. Rich the Kid and G Eazy tie the whole song together with their smooth lines but ultimately, like hundreds of rap songs, the lyrics just talk about partying but when it’s summer, it is a feasible outcome.

The best part of the song is the music video where all three rappers are wearing brightly colored Hawaiian shirts which transition into a more fashionable nightlife outfit. Also, they all look extremely good looking throughout the whole music video which is a major plus to someone like me with a bad case of the “celebrity crush.” I highly encourage everyone to watch the video and really take the song for what it is because it might end up being a future summer anthem.

– Becca Bertram

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