For the many dedicated fans and frequent visitors of 51 Main, it may come as no surprise that the nightclub and event venue is moving from its downtown Champaign location to 1906 West Bradley Avenue this spring.  For those who are unfamiliar with the offerings at 51 Main, visiting its grand opening on April 20 is a great way to explore all that it has to offer.

51 Main will now be located in a newly renovated, updated building that was previously occupied by Rafters, a local restaurant and bar. The new location will allow the venue the chance to provide several amenities not previously offered at the downtown location. This new, larger space, gives 51 Main the ability to offer visitors an even better nightlife experience than before. For example, starting April 20, visitors will be able to order chicken wings in several different flavors, including BBQ and garlic parmesan.

As well as adding new events and features, 51 Main will continue to host some of its classic events, such as karaoke night. Plenty of other events for people of all ages are also going to be available at 51 Main, so all community members should be able to find something to enjoy.

General manager of 51 Main Adrianna Tyler said that 51 Main has been receiving a lot of support from the community regarding the new location, and she expects 51 Main to see just as much, if not more, business at this new location as it saw at its previous one.

“We’re pretty confident that it should be fairly busy,” said Tyler. “We’re hoping that we continue to have our downtown crowd as well as branch out and get some new folks.”

Over the next month, 51 Main will be hosting several unique events, including Illinois Drag Wars on April 19, an opportunity for local drag artists to showcase their work in a competition setting. 51 Main will also host an early Cinco de Mayo event on May 3 called Pre-Cinco Bash with Authentic Empire. The event will feature a DJ and drink deals. More information about both of these events can be found on the 51 Main Facebook page.

If local performers are looking for a place to present their work, 51 Main hosts open mic nights every Wednesday to encourage art in the community and allow local performers to get “firsthand knowledge on the equipment and get an opportunity to perform onstage,” said Tyler.

Tyler said everyone is welcome in the space and 51 Main’s “all inclusive” environment makes it easy for anyone and everyone to find something to get involved with at 51 Main.

“We’re accepting of everyone. We want everyone, young and old, to have a great time and enjoy themselves and ultimately be able to have a social life with their friends,” she said.

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