Slow, steady, and calm is the name of the game, Taurus. Here are some grounding, earthy tunes to match your demeanor. Chill out in your bed, order some Uber eats, and get ready to jam out.

From Eden- Hozier

Lean- Blonder

Vibin’ Out- FKG

Creep- Radiohead

Almost (Sweet Music)- Hozier

Our Town- Sticky Fingers

Cold Summers- Crepes

So Soldier- #1 Dads, Ainslie Wills

Super Natural- Turnover

I Don’t Recall- Lavender Diamond

Hang Your Heart- Tokyo Police Club

Everyday- A$AP Rocky

Don’t Bring Me Back- War Is Over

About The Author

Casey Daly

Hi guys, I’m Casey and I’m a journalism student from Chicago! My hobbies include large sunglasses, art, music, and Noodles and Company.

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