Food Trucks are a staple of Champaign-Urbana. Not only do they provide quick, on-the-go meals for students racing from class to class, but some of the best have also even opened permanent locations for even more consistent deliciousness. These are just some of the many, many, food trucks that grace the area, each worthy of hunting down and sampling for yourself. Some are as easy to find as looking on their website or checking twitter, others take a bit of exploration and local knowledge, either way, it’s certainly worth the adventure for these 7 trucks.

Cracked: As if being a winner of Best of CU’s “Best Food Truck” award multiple years in a row and getting Buzz recognition since 2012 for its excellence wasn’t enough of a selling point, its achievement as one of the few food trucks to be so successful it opens a physical location should be. This breakfast food titan lives up to its name with every type of egg food under the sun as well as breakfast burritos and sandwiches of every shape, size, and color. Find it hanging around Goodwin and Oregon or on Matthews Avenue!

Chesters: Running with the theme of Best of CU winners, Chester’s stands apart from the rest with an emphasis on good ‘ol barbeque. It cheap, messy, and I’ll be a liar if I didn’t say it was delicious. Calling the menu extensive isn’t exactly the right word, but if you’re in the market for a pulled pork sandwich or brined and smoked wings, they know just how to treat you. You can catch the truck at the Tumble Inn in Champaign or Triptych Brewing depending on the day of the week.

Burrito King: Ah….Burrito King. While it certainly earns points for the most stylin’ truck with its colorful painting and cool logo, the title of best Mexican-style food truck belongs to another on this list. Don’t get me wrong though, Burrito King certainly earns its place here with a selection bean, cheese, meat, or all of the above burritos. All of its options are on the cheaper side, so an impromptu lunch here can fit with most budgets. Check it out hanging around Goodwin Ave, and Green most days.

Pandemonium Donuts: Everyone loves donuts, which is more or less an objective fact. They’re the perfect way to start your day, end your day, and can even serve as a quick snack in the middle. Pandemonium Donuts serves to fill the donut sized hole in many people’s hearts with their food truck on Goodwin and Oregon. Their menu consists of a variety of made-from-scratch donuts, vegan options available. Make sure to get there in time! The donuts are hot and they fly out of the truck as if they had wings, so go early if you want a chance.

Dave’s Dogs: It’s 2 am and you stumble out of Joe’s tired and hungry. Before you stand, a small shack on wheels with the name “Dave’s Dogs” and at that exact moment, you know you have found relief from starvation. Parked across the street from Joe’s most days of the week, this simple cheap opportunity to buy $3 hot dogs is a no-brainer. Should you decide to be wild and sporadic, they also serve nachos, brats, and pulled pork, everything a growing college student needs to survive!

Dragon Fire Pizza: A pizza food truck? Why that might just be crazy enough to work and work it does! While pizza usually takes longer than most foods to create, the DragonFire’s onboard wood-fired oven can cook a pizza in only 90 seconds, so even those who are late to class or work have time to grab a slice. Their signature “Dragon Fire” pizza includes smoked Italian sausage, red onions, peppers of all colors and jalapenos. The dragon is of the wandering variety and it travels all over the area, but with a dedicated and up-to-date calendar on their website, finding it should be no problem.

Fernando’s: Delicious Mexican-style tacos? Check! Burritos and Quesadillas? Check! Affordable prices? Check! Fernando’s has it all and with their second-to-none $2 soft-shell tacos there are few food trucks around on the same level. Dedicated to serving authentic Mexican food, it’s no wonder it finally got a permanent location nestled right next to Kams. While the location didn’t last, curious lunch-goers can still find the truck hanging around Riggs Beer Company or elsewhere in downtown Champaign.

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