Whether it’s in the middle of midterms or just when the cravings catch you by surprise, there is always a sweet place to try in Urbana-Champaign. With delicious treats like cookies, pastries, fro-yo and more, there is bound to be a tasty treat for anyone. With so many diverse dessert options to choose from, it can be hard to try every single one. To help, we’ve curated this guide to help you explore the sweetest treats in CU. 

Insomnia Cookies: Not Your Grandma’s Cookie Jar 

This popular cookie joint is no stranger to Illini students, making it one of our top picks for a sweet bite to eat. The options are endless from traditional and deluxe cookies, to cookie cakes and ice cream-filled cookie sandwiches galore. The best part is that they’re open until 3 a.m. and they deliver. In other words, there is no excuse for you to not treat yourself to a cookie after a long night of studying. There is always some kind of deal there too. If you come in with your PJ’s on for Pajama Night (September 17th), you could get yourself a free traditional cookie. Plus, they offer BOGO discounts regularly, so it’s a pretty sweet way to keep you and your wallet happy.

Caffé Bene: Coffeehouse Delicacies 

Students know that in order to pull that all-nighter before finals and even just to get through the day, a little coffee is a lifesaver. Why not pair your expresso with a delightful dessert? Caffé Bene is the perfect study space and place to get a sweet study snack. The atmosphere is incredibly inviting and the menu is diverse. They offer a wide range of worthy treats from cool ice flakes and gelato to multiple types of cake and pastries. Located right on Green Street, it’s an awesome location to get your reading done for class and refuel with a yummy treat. 

Cocomero: Fro-Yo and More

Cocomero is a place premiere place for frozen yogurt on campus. It is just a few steps away from the Alma Mater and offers a tasty variety of frozen yogurt and topping combinations. With toppings that range from candies to fresh fruits and fro-yo flavors like Green Tea and Cake Batter, there are endless possibilities. Not feeling the fro-yo? Have no fear! Cocomero offers many other sweet treats to satisfy even the pickiest of tastebuds. They also serve custards, parfaits, and cakes. It’s a great place to take a break during the day and enjoy a lovely dessert and relax on their upper floor in a comfortable chair.

Taipei Cafe: Sweet and Satisfying Beverages

You are probably already aware of the numerous bubble tea locations in the area; however, one that stands out is Taipei Cafe. This cafe serves a variety of bubble tea, beverages, and sweets. If you want to save room for dinner but the need for something sweet is hard to ignore, Taipei Cafe has you covered. They serve milk teas, fresh teas, fruit teas, lattes — hot or cold— and more. They even allow the customer to select the amount of sugar they want in each drink, giving you the opportunity to get what you truly want! To pair these drinks with something sweet, Taipei Cafe has different flavored mousses and dessert squares that you can order as a light dessert. 

With these choices in mind, we encourage you to go out and give your tastebuds the sweet sensation they deserve. Your sweet tooth will never be insatiable again. 

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