Among the surplus of locations offering bubble tea to C-U residents and students, Kung Fu Tea has stood out to the community and has received the “Best of C-U” award for best bubble tea in 2019. Located on Sixth Street, less than a block from Green Street, its location is very convenient for those who want some bubble tea but do not want to get stuck in the bustle of other Green Street locations.

Kung Fu Tea is a worldwide bubble tea chain, serving a variety of different drinks and light dishes. The Champaign location creates a very intimate atmosphere for students looking for a chill place to enjoy their bubble tea fix. Kung Fu Tea is decorated with dimmed lighting and neon-light accents, and the chalkboard wall panels offer an Instagram- or Snapchat-worthy aesthetic.

“Our space also provides customers with Wi-Fi as well as plenty of outlets so students often come to our business to get work done when they want an environment that’s different from their dorm, apartment, or the library,” said Joy, (need to find last name) manager of Kung Fu Tea. “Whether people come to our restaurant to eat, socialize, or get work done our business provides a fun, laid back environment to spend time in which is something we believe has really benefited the CU community.”

The wide variety of bubble tea options allows customers to experiment with different topping and flavor combinations. The company boasts its use of hand-picked Taiwanian tea leaves and their special brewing process that provides a truly authentic beverage. It is no wonder that many C-U customers feel the quality of bubble tea from Kung Fu Tea is worthy of this award.

Even though Kung Fu Tea has risen to an international level, they still offer authenticity to the bubble tea scene, and they have definitely made their mark on the Champaign-Urbana area.

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