An independent and locally-owned bicycle shop, Neutral Cycle has been voted best bike shop in Champaign-Urbana, reclaiming its title from 2018. At Neutral Cycle, customers can find specially designed bikes, have their bikes repaired as well as purchase accessories or rentals. The shop also hosts rides and events throughout the community.

Located in Champaign on the northwest end of campus, Neutral Cycle believes bicycles are for everyone. According to their website, Neutral Cycle believes in “the positive impact of the bicycle, and the freedom and simplicity it embodies.”

Neutral Cycle offers a program called Chambana Bike which is a bike designed exclusively at the shop for the community. The program allows students to rent a bike for a semester, a summer or even a full academic year. The program makes it simple for students to access a bike during their time on campus without having to face large costs or poor quality equipment. Additionally, students can also store their bikes while they’re away on breaks and have repairs done without any extra costs.

But Neutral Cycle’s impact on the community goes beyond its products and services. The shop powers an event called “CU Speaks!” in which community leaders, experts and researchers give 30-minute lectures that break down the impact of national events on the local community. Recently, the shop hosted State Rep. Carol Ammons.

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