“What’s the buzz?” is back! After a brief hiatus due to an unfortunate flooding situation in the WPGU studio, your favorite talk show about arts and culture is finally returning for another semester of C-U news, hot takes and, of course, awesome music. We hope you haven’t forgotten us while we’ve been gone!

I’m Carolina, one of the assistant buzz editors and the radio content editor for “What’s the buzz?” I am just one of the voices of buzz you’ll be hearing on the radio this semester as I’ll be joined by other members of the buzz staff each week. A lot of us have been doing “What’s the buzz?” since its inception a year ago, and we are all very excited to be back on the air together this coming semester.

So what exactly is “What’s the buzz?” and what kind of content should you expect to hear when you tune in? “What’s the buzz?” is a weekly talk show that features several of our talented buzz writers and editors that airs on WPGU 107.1. We talk about a variety of topics including hot takes, global happenings and, our favorite topic, the C-U social and music scene.

“What’s the buzz?” was introduced last year Elani Kaufman, our former buzz editor, and since presenting our first show in February, the “What’s the buzz?” team has presented and created exciting content for over 15 shows.

A few of last semester’s global and national talking points included: a recap of summer music and festivals, a look at different retired musicians and where they are now and a look at some of our guilty pleasure films and music.

We also discussed plenty of local topics, such as Pygmalion, the Sasha Velour show that happened at Krannert Center for Performing Arts, David Dobrik’s visit to the University and a recap of the Best of C-U nominees and winners.

If you’re planning on tuning in this semester, you can expect updates on different shows you should check out around the C-U area, a deep dive into the Oscar nominees (and eventually winners) and so much more national and local content.

If our content hasn’t hooked you quite yet, then our music selection definitely will. We compile new playlists for every show, following a different theme full of songs that match that particular theme. Last semester, a couple of our playlist themes included songs that remind us of summer, songs that make us happy and songs with colors in the titles. Every playlist features songs chosen by our “What’s the buzz?” team, so listeners will get the chance to know our unique music taste. Plus, if you ever miss a show, you can check out our or playlists for each show on our Spotify, @buzzmagcu.

The “What’s the buzz?” team can’t wait to be back on air this semester and share more fresh, exciting content with our listeners. We hope you’ll give us a listen and check us out!

So what exactly is the buzz? Tune into WPGU 107.1 every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. to find out!

About The Author

Carolina Garibay

Hello, readers! I'm Carolina, and I'm a junior studying journalism with minors in public relations and Spanish. I'm one of the buzz assistant editors, and I am so excited to be back with buzz for a third year. I love to write about cool people, music, and Harry Styles, so if any of these interest you, let's talk about them! Be sure to check out our radio show, "What's the Buzz?" and listen to our podcast on Spotify! If you need to contact me, email me at garibay5@readbuzz.com.

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