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2020 has started off a little rocky in more ways than one, but thankfully, some great albums have come out, offering a soundtrack to drown out the scary stuff. One in particular, Selena Gomez’s latest album, “Rare,” has been giving me all the feels. This is her first full-length album to come out since her 2015 release, “Revival,” and this time, it’s all about sexy self-love.

From the hit “Lose You to Love Me,” which came out last October to the catchy tune “Ring,” if you’re interested in feeling good about yourself without anyone else to tell you so, then this album is for you. You can catch me sitting in my car finishing “Dance Again,” one of the songs that makes listeners want to let their hair down and dance in the middle of the parking lot.

Over the last few years, Gomez has taken a step back from music to focus on herself, shown in a heartstring-tugging mix of emotional and dance-worthy tunes. Her album is all about moving on from a relationship and, instead of looking back on it negatively, contemplating what the relationship taught her and how it helped turn her into someone she loves more which is clear in songs such as “People You Know.”

The track “Look At Her Now” and the album’s title song “Rare” both scream, “I’m worthy, and I love myself. I deserve to be loved without compromise.”

Each of the 13 songs on this incredible album represents a woman who has gone through struggle and heartbreak and came out on top. Gomez expresses self-confidence and vulnerability. (She literally has a song titled “Vulnerable”.)

While some of the songs have a slower beat to them, they all are something you can play while getting ready to win the day, whether it’s just another day at work or a night out. Every song makes a woman want to stand up and dance or reflect on how their own heartbreak has made them stronger.

But like any good album, romance, or at least attraction, slips its way in. This is clear on the track “Crowded Room.” This is one of the two collaborations on the album, featuring 6LACK.

But what really ties the album together, showing just how much this incredible female artist has grown is the final song, “Sweeter Place” featuring Kid Cudi. With lyrics such as “got two feet on the ground and felt what real is like” and “this is just for me and I am cuttin’ ties, goodbye” shows that she has reestablished her place in the music and fame industry and has evolved into someone that people see and respect.

Gomez has always been a stellar artist, from her early Disney days to recent collaborations with others, but on this newest album, she really comes into her own, keeping her classic sassy and sexy sound but with deeper and more grounded lyrics.

Gomez has truly outdone herself on this new album, and I look forward to blasting it before my next girls’ night out.

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