Valentine’s Day can be a controversial day, and it often causes mixed emotions among people. Couples might go out to a nice dinner or take a trip somewhere to celebrate, while those who aren’t in a relationship might either sulk at home or just not care at all about the “holiday” and go about their lives as usual.

Some people, however, may prefer to forget about Valentine’s Day and celebrate Galentine’s Day instead. Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday that occurs on February 13 and was created as a day where women could celebrate other women. Most women celebrate Galentine’s Day by gathering with their lady friends and celebrating each other.

Some people go all out for Galentine’s Day and throw huge parties, but when you’re in college and are on a tight budget or live in a dorm, throwing an extravagant party might be a little difficult. Below are a couple of tips and tricks for throwing an awesome college Galentine’s Day get together.

Create a Bomb Playlist

No party or get together is complete without music. You’ll definitely want to have a playlist full of songs that celebrate women and make you feel confident and empowered if you want your playlist to fit the theme of Galentine’s Day. You can also just create a playlist of your favorite bops that you think your guests will enjoy. You can even create a collaborative playlist so your guests can help customize the playlist and everyone’s music choices can be included.

Keep Decor to a Minimum

If we’re being real, most college students don’t exactly have the time, money or energy to go buy or make fancy decorations, but this doesn’t mean that your get-together has to be completely empty of decorations either. One of the easiest ways to add some decor to wherever you’ll be holding your Galentine’s Day event is to add a photo wall. You might already have fairy lights or some type of wall decor that you can add to your photo wall, but you can also do some easy DIY craft, such as simply cutting out paper hearts and taping them to the wall. This way you have both a fun activity and a cool wall of decorations.

Go Out to Eat Beforehand, Snack During the Event

This might depend on whether you and your friends live in a dorm or in an apartment. Cooking in the dorms can sometimes be difficult, so I recommend going out to eat with your friends before your Galentine’s Day get together and then having everyone contribute some type of snack that you guys can all enjoy during the event. If you’re in an apartment, cooking something is a more doable option, and, again, you can ask your friends to contribute a dish or snack. All of this is, of course, is based on personal preference and totally up to what you and your friends want to do.

Entertain Your Guests with Card Games and Chick Flicks

Card games are a great way to entertain your guests and get a good laugh out of each other. I recommend Cards Against Humanity and For the Girls for your Galentine’s Day get together. These are both incredibly fun games that have a bit of an edge to them, which will make for both a fun and interesting night.

Once you’ve gotten tired of playing card games, I recommend winding down a bit with a good chick-flick or rom-com. What you want to watch is completely up to you and your guests, but a few movies I recommend that are available on Netflix are “Set It Up,” “About Time” and “The Spectacular Now.”

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