Oh hoppy day! Brewlab Coffee (630 South 5th Street, Champaign) will be holding a pop-up bunny cafe on Saturday, March 7.

The event takes place from noon to 3 p.m. and ticket holders reserve thirty-minute slots to chill and enjoy new fuzzy friends. Ticket holders must be at least eight years of age and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets are five dollars and must be pre-ordered on the event’s website. From there, customers may purchase their drink and secure themselves a slot in this hoppy heaven.

Bunnies are provided by Hoppy Haven, a small animal rescue based in Peoria, IL. Each bunny on display is available for adoption.

Hoppy Haven rescues animals that after often acquired by those assuming they require less work than a dog or cat. Upon seeing the work owning a small animal entails, these furballs end up for adoption.

The event is organized by Goodthingz, a group that encourages you to “slow down, take a break and share all little things that energize and inspire you.” Brewlab and Goodthingz have collaborated on a variety of social events, including cat cafes and cat yoga.

An event series called “Create a Life of Your Own” will be held in the following weeks at Brewlab. This art series will explore skills such as pointillism, hand lettering and flash writing. This series is another collaboration between Goodthingz and Brewlab.

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