The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, but no one is feeling the hit harder than the Class of 2020. Without graduation, prom, and the rest of their senior year, it’s hard to find closure with their last few months in high school. Maleena Dominick, a senior from Pennsylvania, decided to share her grief by making a music video addressing this issue.

The music video is for one of her original songs, “Don’t Forget Me.” The song talks about not forgetting, as the title implies. The video and lyrics are very touching and certainly send a message about the world’s current affairs. The video also features some scenes of Dominick in her full graduation outfit and some of her high school memories.

Maleena started her musical career very young. When she was around five years old, she bought her first guitar. In third grade, her music teacher noticed her passion for music and helped her get an audition for the Children’s Festival Chorus of Pittsburgh. She then went on to perform with this group for almost six years, as she noted in her interview. During this time, she taught herself bass and guitar. After this, she said that she “wanted to do something bigger with my [her] musical career.”

Dominick joined a band with her father called Chip and the Charge Ups, where she played bass and sung. After this, she decided to start writing music, hence why “Don’t Forget Me” was written in April of 2019. 

“I wanted to write a song about all my friends who were graduating and moving away,” said Dominick. “I planned on releasing it for my graduation, but when it came around to that time, I realized I’m not gonna get graduation.”

Dominick wanted the music video to focus on the positive memories she had in high school. Even though she wouldn’t have the traditional end-of-year high school moments and ceremonies, there was still a lot of good. 

“Filming was very smooth,” said Dominick. On the last day of filming, she received the newspaper that said all of the schools were closed due to the pandemic. She knew that needed to be in her video as well, which was the perfect finishing touch.

In the fall, Maleena will attend Duquesne University to study music technology. She also plans to release her debut album this summer if the quarantine permits. “Don’t Forget Me” is now available on all streaming platforms and the song is available for download and purchase. Check out everything else Maleena by searching “Music by Maleena” on all search engines. 

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