Now more than ever, taking care of ourselves and trying to take things a little easier is so important. As the semester is beginning to come to a close and our daily lives are more uncertain than ever, it’s essential that we practice self-care. Self-care can come in many forms, from making significant decisions about prioritizing yourself and sacrifices for your well-being, to as simple as putting on a face mask and having a movie night. Here are a few suggestions regarding how you can take care of yourself at the end of a physically and mentally draining day.

At the end of a long day of school, work or even both, it is important to recognize when to stop. Many workaholics are guilty of extending their productivity into the night, even at the expense of their well-being. Try to find a suitable stopping point, and make some dinner for yourself. I suggest nourishing your body with a satisfying meal, and however healthy it is, it’s ultimately up to you. Indulge in some takeout every once and a while is okay, especially as a way of rewarding yourself at the end of the day.

Once dinner is over and your space is clean, or as clean as it can be, take a moment to breathe and stretch. I guarantee you are holding tension somewhere in your body, especially because of anxiety related to school and work. Drink a big old glass of cold water (stay hydrated) and just relax for a bit. It okay to do nothing for five minutes.

After that, it is time for a bath! If baths are not your thing, a shower will suffice. However, if you do like baths, go all out when you can. Soothing music, bath bombs, candles, the works. Even if you are opting to take a shower, you can still have some candles or essential oils too! Aromatherapy can be super relaxing, so wash off all the stress of the day and get into your comfiest pajamas or loungewear!

Then, once you are all clean and officially in relaxation mode, the night is yours to do as you please. I personally have an extravagant skincare routine I like to do when I have the time and want to achieve the utmost indulgent night of self-care. Korean skincare is top-tier in my opinion, and I highly recommend the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from the brand Innisfree. Choosing skincare works best for you and that you can get your hands on is a perfect way to treat yourself and your skin.

My favorite activities to do during my night of self-care are playing videogames or watching a movie or two. These activities, however, are not complete without some snacks and a refreshing beverage. Treat yourself to a dessert like ice cream or a salty snack like popcorn, and enjoy it! There is no room to feel guilty when working towards self-care. Make yourself a cup of tea, too! I recommend either chamomile or any green tea as the best option to drink when you want to relax.

When your snacks are in order, put on your favorite movie or show and let go of a bit of the stress! Maybe even a watch a movie that you have never seen and has been on your watchlist for ages. If you are not up for a screening, sit back with a good book. Reading is another relaxing activity to do when you are trying to wind down for the evening. Try not to stay up too late so you can get a good night’s rest. Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself during these trying times, and make room for yourself every evening to stay in tune with your well-being!

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Rukayah Hussein

Hi, I'm Rukayah! I'm a transfer to UIUC and currently studying English and minoring in Psychology. I joined Buzz and The Daily Illini in August 2019, and I enjoy writing about the movies that I love and books I'm reading. When I'm not studying or writing, I am usually listening to a true crime podcast and drinking tea.

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