Well, it’s finally arrived. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right. It’s time for Blast from the Past! I’d be lying to say this edition was easy. It turns out there are so many TV shows out their worth watching that aren’t popular enough not to need special notice. As such, the net has been widened, my microscope has been polished, and my analysis has narrowed. This week is a special paranormal edition of Blast from the Past, enjoy!

Movie: “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise

I can hear it now, that iconic theme song of the most famous (and at times infamous) pirate film of all time. It fills me with energy and excitement, with a thirst for the open sea and easy plunder. It’s one of the best theme songs of the film, what introduces you to the world, and instantly sets a tone that tells you to sit down, shut up, and watch a movie that’s pure adventure and spectacle. The soundtrack alone is the first reason to give this early 2000’s film a rewatch, and it alone should leave you satisfied. 

The soundtrack alone should get you watching this film, and the iconic character will keep you there. Never before has an anti-hero like Captain Jack Sparrow existed, nor will one ever exist again. Johnny Depp has a natural charisma in the role that carried the series to 4 sequels, and he consistently stayed the most fun part of every single one of them. Alone he helps make this a great film, but together with the rest of the cast, the movie reaches all new heights. 

Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swan somehow manage to be amazing characters in their own right still and have little moments of fun under the enormous shadow of Captain Jack. Who can forget Barbossa iconic, “You best start believing in ghost stories, Ms. Turner, you’re in one” or Elizabeth’s insistence on Parley. Even the side characters of both the navy and pirates were so memorable they stayed into the two good sequels. 

The most underrated part of PoC is probably the ship battles and sailing. On a relatively budget, the filmmakers had us fully believing the sea was an endless expanse of opportunity and battle. Filming at sea is a nightmare if you can believe it, and yet despite other films likely trying to film on a fake-looking soundstage or CGI, PoC decides to use actual ships that on the real sea, and you can feel the difference. 

Overall, as you may have noticed, I love adventure films, and in these dark days, a movie that makes you like your traveling the world, sailing the sea, or just being plain old bad-ass is needed now more than ever.

TV Show: “Lucifer”

Ok, so I’m cheating here, but heck, it’s my column. Yes, technically, “Lucifer” is still coming out with new episodes. The next season is the final, so this isn’t so much a “Blast from the Past” as a blast from the current, soon to be the past.

What happens when you mix the Lord of Hell with a cop procedural? Well, you get “Lucifer,” of course! This four-season tv show is based on a comic book of the same name and is a wild time in so many ways. 

One hand, for instance, this show has some of the most consistent comedy and good acting I’ve seen on tv in a while. Lucifer is played by the impressive Tom Ellis, who shows off his range of comedy and drama throughout the show. Playing the Lord of Hell as a combination of a spoiled man-child and a dark avenger is a delicate mix to balance, but he pulls it off so well you wish he was allowed to let loose even more than he already is. His counter-parts, Chloe Decker(Lauren German) and Mazikeen(Lesley-Ann Brandt), are also incredibly talented. 

On the other hand,  the show isn’t without its flaws. While some episodes reach incredible highs, they can often be bogged down by the more dull, boring crime-of-the-week episodes where Lucifer learns how strange humans are and how to deal with his emotions. Every. Single. Episode. It gets mind-boggling how often he can learn the same lesson twice that the world “isn’t all about him.” Argh! The will-they-won’t-they is also atrocious, with a bonus element that somehow makes things both more exciting and more incredibly frustrating. 

Where “Lucifer” thrives is in its more supernatural-focus episodes, which involve Angels, God, God’s wife(you’ll see), and even Cain and Abel. These are interesting and fun to watch and are often the more actiony and emotion-driven episodes. “God Johnson” and “A Good Day to Die” are perfect examples of this, and “A Good Day to Die” has one of my favorites in the show period. I’m a sucker for a bit of slow-mo and a good song underneath, watch it, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Another excellent recommendation is “A Priest Walks into A Bar.”

The incredible soundtrack is the final consideration of whether to undertake this journey. I mentioned Tom Ellis has a fantastic voice. Because if I didn’t, I need to remember to mention his stellar singing ability. The show is so good if only to listen to the song portions. 

If you have a few spare hours, give a couple of episodes of “Lucifer” a try. It’s a fun diversion from the world today. And afterward, comment, what do you most desire. Until next time!

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