For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Bill Clinton Album Challenge is a fun little thing people have been doing to share their music tastes with the rest of the world online. There’s a famous picture of Bill Clinton sitting down on the floor, holding a record, and jamming to some tunes with his headphones on. People have photoshopped images of their favorite albums to the photo and shared it online to their social media pages. This millennial/Gen Z phenomenon has been blowing up in the past few weeks, so we decided to do it too!

I believe my first favorite album has to be from my favorite artist right now, which is undoubtedly Lana Del Rey. I love her “Ultraviolence” record because her lyrics and soothing voice can be so haunting yet so animated, and she just powerfully conveys the strongest emotions — whether it be sadness or anger or love. My second favorite album is from Marina, formerly Marina and the Diamonds, and it is her “Electra Heart” album. I have never heard an album like it before, and it is so fun but also contains a lot of truth. I also really appreciate how Marina’s personality shines through her musical aesthetic. My third favorite album has to be “Save Rock And Roll” from Fall Out Boy. I have unofficially labeled it my summer album because it is so upbeat and perfect for the liveliness of summertime. I am sure many can relate, but it is also one of my fondest records because of the memories I have been lucky enough to attach to the music. Finally, my fourth favorite album, if I can pick just four, is “Badlands” by Halsey. This record means so much to me because I have been following Halsey’s career since her EP and this was her first full-length album. It is both a monumental first record and full of so many raw emotions that only grow as her music continues.  

  • Rukayah Hussein 

Choosing four albums out of the hundreds of amazing albums that exist is nearly impossible, but after lots of thinking, I was able to choose the four that I especially love. Number one is the newest Harry Styles album, “Fine Line.” In this album, Styles shows a new, more vulnerable side, and doesn’t hold anything back from his fans. He experiments with ‘70s sounds and takes his songwriting to a whole new level. This album doesn’t have any skips in my opinion, and my favorite track off of it is “Adore You.” My next pick is “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it” by The 1975. This is my favorite The 1975 album, and upon first hearing it you might not notice that one of its main focuses is lead singer, Matty Healy’s relationships with drugs. I remember first hearing this album and being absolutely blown away by the complex, yet very real lyrics and the innovative musical choices. Again, I rarely skip any songs on this album, and my favorite song is “The Sound.” Next, I had to go for a classic with “Abbey Road” by The Beatles. I’ve grown up listening to The Beatles and specifically to Abbey Road, so adding this legendary album to my list was a no-brainer. “Golden Slumbers” is my go-to song pick off that album. The last album on my list is “Immunity” by Clairo because this whole album gives off a chill, relaxing energy, which I need pretty frequently. All of these songs fit Clairo’s voice perfectly, and I especially love “Softly.”

  • Carolina Garibay 

You have to be a particular type of person to automatically know the answer to this because it’s such a difficult decision to make. You have to factor in so much! Despite this, I’ll always credit Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” as the album that started my love for rap music. The album, however, isn’t considered rap but takes influences from psychedelic soul music of the 1970s. When I heard “Redbone” for the first time back in high school, chills ran down my neck because of the versatility in Childish Gambino’s voice. I’m a little upset that SZA hasn’t done an album since, but the release of “Crtl” was such a pivotal moment in pop culture. It was beautiful to see how SZA was able to relate her relationship experiences in a vulnerable way. She realizes she’s a flawed person, expressed in songs like the “The Weekend.” However, she still longs for human connection despite all her shortcomings. There were a few albums I liked as a kid too! “Magical Mystery Tour” by The Beatles is a trip and still baffles music historians to this day. For the life of me, I’ll never understand the meaning behind “I Am the Walrus,” but I’ve heard that John Lennon intentionally made the song confusing to mess with the minds of music analysts. The last album is “Make it Big” by Wham! I had a huge 80s music phase as a kid, and I can still sing every word to “Wake Me up Before You Go-Go”. 

  • Jillian Little

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