With our current circumstances, outside activities we enjoy doing are out of our reach. Because we can’t go outside anymore, this is the perfect time to go within! Going within will help us teach each other how to tend to our emotional and intellectual well being. Sensory engagement activities can be practiced at home for relaxation, fun, and are even proven to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Want to take yourself to another dimension? Try meditation! Want to soothe your soul with music? Maybe even soothe your stomach? Don’t forget to keep stimulating your brain daily with the topics and food you love. Get in tune with yourself at home with a few of these quick activities. 

Tibetan singing bowl meditations

Tibetan singing bowls, according to the Tibetan oral tradition, dates back to the existence of Buddha Shakyamuni (560-480 B.C). This tradition was derived in India and brought to Tibet. The singing bowl aids meditation practices for those that seek enlightenment in Buddhist practices. Still, in my personal experience, I can assure this practice is an excellent aid for going within to seek inner and outer peace as well as a deeper relaxation that can be self discoverable. Singing bowls produce a range of sounds that can awaken different emotions within you, bringing you a calming experience. It is most effective for stress-reducing and restful sleep for some. The best part is that you can practice some of these singing bowls at home through posted videos on Youtube! My first singing bowl meditation was with a sound bath meditation that was focused on balancing chakras, which are energy centers of the body. 

Sound healing music

Music is a great resource we can thoroughly enjoy with our family and friends while we’re stuck inside. Music is also a great resource for going within and tending to the emotions we have. So, take a listen to some sound healing music! Sure, music can be categorized as relaxation music, but music can be healing and contain the genres you enjoy. For example, artist Jhene Aiko’s new album, “Chilombo,” uses crystal sound healing to open up those chakras I mentioned. The album is referred to as crystal alchemy consisting of bowls! The humming of these bowls is an attempt at striking notes that would hit different parts of your body, if not your ears.

Food for the soul

When’s the last time you made your favorite meal? Or cooked up someone else’s favorite dinner? Pick up a few recipes while you’re stuck at home! Mix up your diet with a few new meals or pastries that would open up some new taste buds. It’s also a great activity to share with family and friends. It’s also a great way to pass some time in your day where you may find yourself surrendering to non- stimulating activities like scrolling through Tik Tok. 

Little quick doses for the brain

A great way to keep learning from home is to keep yourself curious. Today, while I woke up and checked my phone and had plenty of notifications. The notification that enticed me the most was the “Your daily read is ready.” If you’re a reader, or passionate about writing or topics that interest you, keep yourself invested and stimulated with just a few minutes out of your day. An app I use for this is called Medium! Medium is like an everyday library. It has reports, articles, and blogs voiced by many journalists who share your interests or who are expressing a new topic you might find compelling to learn more about. Whether you’re stuck on your studies, keep yourself motivated and refreshed with otherworldly issues that can fuel your brain energy to want to keep learning. Most of the stories I read are about a four-minute read or more and leave me with a newfound perspective on life. We’re stuck at home with this technology, so this is a great way to make use of it in your daily routine. 

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